FILM OF THE MONTH Finally, Sunday! ☆☆☆☆

Review Roundup - Stone Protectors


To paraphrase Commando... this was the last time. Until next time? Well I'd hardly say no chance since Marvel Studios has however many decades of material lined up, but this really is an ending of sorts. Not to the entire franchise, but a nice satisfying conclusion to just about everything from Iron Man in 2008 up to now. It's also a three hour movie about heroes dealing with loss, heroes having their resolves tested and of course heroes making quips and punching things. It's certainly an action packed bonanza of epic proportions that will leave fans satisfied, but at the same time it's a monolithic film with a lot of shifts in tone and a lot of characters to cover. Like the previous chapter in the story it's one big balancing act, and with a few exceptions it generally succeeds.

Monster Bites - Mysterious Islands


Okay here we go... time for some absurd noise. Not that you can say many releases in this series or the Toho line-up as a whole are particularly sombre. But your mileage may vary here depending on your thoughts about the classic Godzilla franchise and if you think making light of the title character is a big deal or not. For all those fans who want to debate whether the big guy is a father, a mother or just an adoptive parent, there will be others who see this purely as a lurid monster comedy. Some get pretty defensive about it as if they need to defend Godzilla's stoicism, but personally I'm of the mind that this is complete nonsense and should be treated as such.

Monster Bites - The Ominous Star

GORATH (1962)

Time to take a trip into science fiction b-movie madness with yet another Ishiro Honda film. This one might be more along the lines of When Worlds Collide than anything else, but I still have to cover it here. They do manage to sneak in a hilarious arctic creature feature moment during the third act, because why wouldn't they, but this is more of an Earth versus outer space itself kind of story. A story in which they decide that to avoid a rogue planet destroying humankind they have to... move the Earth out of the way. But the tone isn't entirely ludicrous by any means and this is generally a sombre effort that is often concerned with collecting together scientific minds and making noble sacrifices for the good the world.

Monster Bites - New Mutants


For a change of pace (well in terms of approach rather than subject matter) I thought it was time to return to monster mayhem, but also to reappraise a few entries in the Godzilla series. You see these are films that I was pretty lukewarm about initially when viewing them several years prior to this. But they're instalments that fans often bring up when talking about their favourites in the franchise. So I thought what the hell, why not do a double bill of sci-fi nonsense and see if I was more invested than I remember being in the past. To cut a long story short... a good time was had by all.