Horror Bites - Black Sabbath


Ah the old style horror anthology, it's always one of my personal favourites as a structure for the novelty of each chapter and the variety involved. They do tend to vary in scope, whether it's something like Creepshow with a lot of stories, or the smaller scale Two Evil Eyes which as the title suggests is split down the middle. The original name here also gives this one away; it's a trilogy of horror tales, bookended by a great intro and ending dialogue from Boris Karloff, who features in the second of these. While many of these often have their hit and miss segments, I struggle to think of any others that quite this inconsistent in terms of plot and pacing; they vary in length and effectiveness. In this case the first is the weak link while part two is an improvement, and the finale is short and sweet.

HCF Review - Double Bill

MATINEE (1993)

It usually goes without saying that a personal project for a film maker is probably not going to be a commercial venture. Joe Dante, known best for the likes of Gremlins and The Howling has of course done plenty of comedy melded with various other genres. But this is something quite different, a movie about the experience of movie going itself...

Horror Bites - House of the Devil


While Italian horror features are often easily categorised under the standard genres, there are plenty which are not easily digested and are frequently nightmarish and perplexing. Mario Bava's most personal feature comes under the latter description; after having a variety of success with previous efforts he was given free reign to do whatever he wanted. The resulting ghost story retains all the signature style and shock factor, but is certainly not one to see before having watched earlier films he produced. It's certainly not a commercial release. The striking images, weird characters and eerie atmosphere are playing against what is a dream like narrative where the actual plot seems almost secondary to the series of strange goings on.

HCF Interview - Ray Santiago

In anticipation of the DVD release of Ash vs. Evil Dead Season One and the premier of season two, we chats with Ray Santiago who plays Pablo on the show. Ash’s loyal sidekick and fellow Value Stop employee discusses his time on the series so far including the laughs, the chills and the fountains of blood.




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