Review Roundup - Annual Thing


I guess it's time to talk about the last few big movies of the year. Looking back it seems like I already did Solo and Black Panther, which is odd because I can barely remember them. I guess it's just been a really long year. I have the same problem with some of the next few releases; did they really come out that recently? Maybe my brain just isn't able to separate out all this stuff properly these days. So, there are a couple more flashy blockbusters to cover before I return to the weird and super violent films in the third and final part of this end of year wrap. But first let's talk about weird animated dog movies.

Review Roundup - Annual Thing


Much like the previous horror movie review session this will be another series of write ups I just haven't had the time or energy to get around to until now. I guess it all feels more pressing suddenly, for one vague reason or another. So here let's take a look at a few big and small releases from the last twelve months (though Infinity War and Annihilation were already reviewed amongst various others). This won't be an exhaustive list by any means but it's nice to cover a few of most recent additions before I swing back around and start discussing more classic horror. In this part I'll be looking at a few of the best releases, or at least those I've seen so far.

Horror Bites - It Comes to Life

THE MUMMY (1932)

After talking about so many sequels it's refreshing to get back to basics and look at some of the earlier entries in the Universal catalogue. Particularly ones that don't have any real follow ups - all those films about a mummy called Kharis wandering about in bandages are part of a separate series. Like their original werewolf film it had been a while I suppose. But I digress, let's look at Boris Karloff in this first ancient Egyptian chiller. For once he gets to have a proper dramatic role and the resulting film is one of the best from the studio. But why isn't this remembered as often as his other roles? Maybe it's the silly title or the lack of a central 'monster'. Or maybe it's because this plot was taken by other films in later years.

Horror Bites - Who Goes There?


Like the other sequels to James Whales' Invisible Man, there's a sense that any actual horror is being actively avoided. Which is odd considering the sinister potential of the core idea, but it's perhaps the only way things could have been approached in this time period. This time around at least things are a little more creative, even if the storyline is a clear product of the Second World War. This does at least mean it's an entertaining film, just don't expect the ideas about invisibility drugs causing madness to be included. As the title suggests this is a spy adventure that is more concerned with making fools of the axis powers in a plot that includes plenty of silly gags and dodgy accents.

Horror Bites - Spooky Selection Box


On the tenuously linked subject of blood suckers, I wanted to include some quick thoughts on Hammer's Kiss of the Vampire. This was intended as an all '70s review round up before I realised this is a film from 1963. Imagine my confusion. But since we're here I'm going to break all the rules and talk about it anyway, it's been that kind of week. The problem here is that if you've ever seen a movie about vampire cults of any kind, much of this will be far too familiar. It doesn't really offer much of its own to merit a recommendation, which is odd considering this could have been the studio's third Dracula film after Brides of Dracula.

Horror Bites - Spooky Selection Box


Well folks it's that time of the year once again... the month where I realise how many movie write ups I forgot to get done. Where does the time go? Luckily this means I can cover a few interesting items that all fit under a vague genre umbrella, specifically weird bleak 1970s horror films (though I will go off topic momentarily). We've got vampires, haunted houses, devil worshippers and nuisance phone calls. Just the sort of heart warming selection the whole family can enjoy. It certainly puts a big smile on my face...



FILM OF THE MONTH The Island of Lost Souls ☆☆☆☆