Top 200 Movies...Ever!


It's never been something I looked forward to compiling, but of course something made it inevitable. That ultimate, be all and end all, best ever, of all time list. The kind where everything is boiled down into a silly page of numbers on a table that in many ways could be swapped around with few differences. It's no easy task to compile such a thing, and the nature of it all means that things are constantly moving up and down. The resulting count down is never wholly satisfying.

However there is a top ten or so titles are that are unlikely to change without some dramatic last minute arrivals. Many favourites are forever cemented in the annals of my personal preferences. The thing as a whole however wasn't as simple as it first looked, and certain titles end up getting the axe while others move up and down, there's a constant internal struggle. It's hard to look at it rationally, after all these are all going to be great movies. What exactly places them in the top 50 instead of the top 100? How are all time greats any different from all times classics? It's constantly mutating and blurring. Truly dramatic changes are rare but sometimes new additions are discovered perhaps a few times a year as my interest in seeing new things is sated.

But here it is, drum roll please. As it goes along you will find I have added comments on a few choice entries where I thought it appropriate, and there are links to past articles if they exist. In the end it all leads into a write up of the best movie ever made...

On the way to the top there will be a lot of classic epics, '80s science fiction and fantasy kitsch, horror, action, animation and martial arts. This eclectic mix of random stuff and nonsense is often perplexing but in a way that's the idea. It kind of sums up what I like, and if there was ever a broad picture to be painted I hope this it it. Hopefully a few entrants are notably different or unexpected. As we go remakes and movies of a similar title will be marked with a year or some kind of indicator. Some entries may even be for multiple films in a series if I feel they are of equal quality and can be grouped together. It might be a cheat but hey it's the way these things go. Here goes nothing...

Top 200 to 151

Top 150 to 101

Top 100 to 51

Top 50 to 1