HCF Review - Come Get Some

TV Review - Season One

In a strange turn of events, Evil Dead – that’s the remake not Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead – didn’t get a sequel. Or at least it hasn’t at the time of writing. Which is kind of strange in the world of low budget horror movies that get churned out all the time. Not that I’m complaining. While bloodthirsty fans of splatter were sure to have been sated, for me it lacked personality and was filled with characters who were so thinly written for the sake of plot convenience that it was laughable at times. That’s not to say this is a series about deep and interesting people of course, don’t get me wrong. But they were more like puzzle pieces that fit into their designated roles instead of just a fun ensemble. Even the original with its nastiest moments had some level of charm. Remember kids; toothless, dumbed down action and horror is bad... but X ratings do not make a movie. However the real twist was yet to come.