@synth_cinema: HCF Review - Countdown


HCF Review - Countdown


Everyone loves a good ticking clock, after all it’s the rhythm of time… and life. Except of course those who are given a set number of days left to live after their blood tests come in. But as various movies of the past have explored, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe having only four weeks left to live, at least in a fictional setting, could push someone to new extremes they never thought were possible. Johnnie To certainly thinks it could get a criminal genius and a master of disguise to put one last plan into action. But the director is also clearly a fan of adding buddy comedy elements and offbeat humour to the storyline. With the clock running down can he maintain a cool and slick tone as the cops try to solve a series of crimes? Or will he be unable to resist throwing in a few gags along the way?