Scores Explained


While 10 star ratings offer some nuance, they often confuse me. How much worse than 9 is 8? Is everything below 6 worthless? How far from 5 stops being average? There's just too much going on and I don't like it. Admittedly there are many levels that need to be expressed at times, usually levels of bad. I have of course got into them writing elsewhere. But here I use a simple five points rating, from great ... to irate. These are basically satisfaction ratings so don't expect one 3 star movie to be comparable to another in a straight up way since things that work in one instance may not in another. There are many factors, these are simply how satisfied I felt at the end within any given genre and considering the overall pros and cons.

5/5 ☆☆☆☆
Flawless victory? Well nothing's perfect, it's a big personal preference. This is a rare score given to those movies which give me a certain vibe, a particular feeling. Something that really strikes a nerve. Often they are thingsI have seen many times before that have grown to this status with time, but every so often one will come along. A rare score from me. Platinum medal.

4/5 ☆☆☆☆
A good movie, a standard recommendation. Some flaws are present but they can be overlooked as it's still a satisfying experience. Very entertaining, or engaging. No anticlimaxes or weak acts during the narrative unless they're very minor. Whether or not I would consider watching it multiple times is another question but there are qualities here to be considered. Gold medal.

3/5 ☆☆
Disappointing in some ways but still okay. A story that falls down due to notable flaws but isn't a train wreck. Has enough good points to talk about but is never brilliant except perhaps in short bursts. May be watchable or even something I like to revisit frequently but never excellent outside a few moments even if they stand out. Perhaps one element spoils the fun or it's just not exceptional overall. Silver medal.

2/5 ☆☆
Big flaws detract from the film. There may be things I like but there are not enough to win me over. Often a big failure to capitalise on certain elements or an what might have been a good idea but is poorly executed. Perhaps the pieces are all here but they've been scattered rendering them almost useless. Not rock bottom but doesn't go anywhere towards average either. A failure to be interesting consistently or something that just becomes boring outside a few scenes. Bronze medal.

Useless. The good points are barely visible or totally overshadowed; it's just sunk by too many holes. Incredibly disappointing or tedious. Sometimes simple movie making incompetence is shown, and it may be very dull or very irritating. Maybe both. Tin medal.