Review Roundup - Kaneda??


Danny Boyle venturing back into to creepy stuff is always nice, but this homage to the designs of 2001, Alien and even Event Horizon is pretty good even if that third act is a little out of nowhere initially. It gets less jarring with repeat views, though it's shame the scope of a cinema screen is lost now on home formats. The idea they can restart our Sun with nuclear bomb of some kind remains a little silly to me (where did they find enough material to make it?) but it's still an entertaining look at things going wrong in space, a nice genre for me.

The psychological aspects of the mission are touched on perhaps a little too lightly, but there are plenty of mission screw up tropes that get played out. It's an atmospheric thriller rather than one that goes into depth about the crew getting irritated with other as the mistakes pile up and the space madness grows. They do get a bit stir crazy before the critical mission errors, but I guess they'd be prepared for this kind of thing despite the on board shrink being flaky and the engineer having anger problems. Hardly the right stuff. The design work is pretty nice and the big vista shots are one of the high points, with the shield-ship and the space suits making for some really good images. The third act comes up with a few story turning points that could have been dealt with better but I figure that people fighting against someone that wants them to fail and deal with their natural fate is interesting enough. This is mostly a good time regardless of those weaker elements.